Schneggenstein produces distinct and unique pieces of jewellery that fulfil the highest quality requirements with regard to the materials selected and their fine workmanship. This requires the perfect interplay of impassioned specialists. It is this passion that permeates each production step (from design to goldsmith and on through production) and enables each stone to become a truly special piece.

The natural stone: The stones we select for our jewellery have been formed over centuries by the winds and waters along the Mediterranean coast. We choose to replicate the naturally formed stones with their hollows and recesses in pure gold or solid silver by implementing an age-old technique called lost wax casting. This process allows us to focus on the absolutely natural portrayal of the piece with each and every pore.


 The casting process: The process of lost wax casting used to create our pieces of jewellery has been in use since the time of the ancient Egyptians. This traditional manufacturing method which is both complex as well as intricate does, however, enable us to create perfect replicas of the stone and its natural surface structure.


The surface: Old and established goldsmith processes are used to create the special surfaces of our fine pieces.

The white silver surfaces are formed by releasing the copper content from the metal. This is how the bright white stones are created which in part subsequently go through a further mechanical polishing process or are given their classic silver surface shine.

The dark stone surfaces are created by oxidation blackening after which various chemical or mechanical processes are used to create the fine colour variations of the final finish.

In order to create the degree of fineness we desire requires a high degree of experience and excellent workmanship, the results of which are carefully scrutinised before their final acceptance. Only those goldsmiths with enough expertise and finesse are actually able to fulfil our high quality requirements and only they play a part in our Schneggenstein world.

The jewel: Our collection of jewels has been amassed over a period of 20 years and in terms of quality and uniqueness is hardly found elsewhere on the market today. Some of our precious stones are so rare that they are absolutely unique specimens. When selecting our stones we pay special attention to the depth of their colour and the specific characteristics of the stone in hand. We endeavour to only use untreated gemstones as their specific characteristics are far more pronounced. Should any of the jewels be treated, this is specifically mentioned in the description of the stone. We feel obliged to impart to our customers as much information on the gemstone as possible so that they can establish a similar emotional bond to the gemstone as we have. It is also of highest importance to us that our customers understand not only the rarity of our gemstones but their characteristics as well and are thus better able to identify themselves with them.


The finished piece of jewellery: The surface finish and gemstone selection for each piece of jewellery has been made in such a way as to create a distinctive unique piece. The combination and setting of the gemstones has been meticulously thought through to allow each jewel’s charisma and individual story to shine out. For each of our fine jewellery pieces we carefully consider what the character of the potential wearer might be and to what kind of person it would be suited for.


Quality control: Each piece of jewellery undergoes a precise documentation process from the planning stage onwards. We carefully inspect the surface finish concerning colour, form and treatment and compare each piece with its master sample. Each gemstone is weighed, measured and checked for impurities. Only when each piece passes our thorough quality control procedure does it receive its hallmark and is given its serial number. Each piece of jewellery is given a certificate to assure our guarantee.

The packaging: Schneggenstein not only produces unique pieces of jewellery but is also innovative when it comes to packaging. For our finest pieces we have chosen one of our favourite stones to be replicated, larger than life, in finest porcelain. As we feel that our packaging also needs to be innovative and of highest quality we have teamed up with Augarten, Vienna’s traditional porcelain manufacturer to produce our singularly unique packaging.

We couldn’t help creating additional innovative packaging for our customers and have developed special bagging of leather or fine cloth. Once more, we have only chosen the finest material of the highest quality.